Beginners Guide to Shopify Fulfillment Services

By | July 21, 2020

Today, we’re excited to debut Shopify Fulfillment Services Network, a new way to get orders to your customers easily and quickly.After your customer completes checkout, Shopify Fulfillment Network takes care of everything else, while putting your brand and customer experience front and center.

What is Shopify Fulfilment?

Shopify order fulfillment is a proprietary service designed to help e-commerce brands running on the Shopify platform get orders to their customers quickly and conveniently. Powered by smart inventory-allocation technology, and machine learning, the Shopify fulfillment network automatically finds the closest fulfillment centers and predicts optimal stock levels for each location to guarantee fast, cost-effective deliveries. After your customers have checked out, Shopify’s fulfillment service handles all other order fulfillment services while promoting your brand and enhancing customer experience levels.

Shopify is a subscription-based e-commerce platform that lets users create personalized websites and use shopping cart software to sell, ship, and manage products. It’s renowned for simplifying the e-commerce shopping experience; the platform makes it easy for even the least technically skilled users to build full-fledged online stores. Shopify fulfillment offers world-class order management systems and technologies. Like its main interface, Shopify’s proprietary fulfillment system is intuitive, so there is no need for technical expertise. You can divert all your attention to building strong relationships with your clients. While there are several Shopify fulfillment companies available, none offers the same integration level as its proprietary service. 

Shopify Fulfillment Services

Shopify Fulfillment Services

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Shopify Fulfillment Offers The Following Services.

Product Packaging: With Shopify’s fulfillment solution, you’ll get free customized packaging using your branded material. This will enhance your brand’s identity.

Order tracking and shipping: Shopify’s fulfillment service will pick, pack, ship your customers’ orders, and ensure regular updates on the delivery progress.

Inventory management: Shopify will help you maintain full visibility of your inventory quantities by giving you instantaneous updates on stock levels from all its distribution centers. You’ll also receive notifications for low inventory, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever run out of stock.

Re-order processing and returns: Shopify fulfillment will handle product exchanges and returns for you. All rejected, saleable products will be re-packed and reintegrated into your active inventory.

How To Activate Fulfillment in Shopify

As previously mentioned, Shopify’s fulfillment service is straightforward. So, if you’d like to fulfill your orders through the service, you can start right away if you follow these steps.

  • Install the Shopify fulfillment app
  • Choose the items you would like to have fulfilled via Shopify’s service.
  • Develop a custom quotation with costs for shipping and monthly storage.
  • Deliver the products: this part is simple. The Shopify fulfillment network will fulfill your customers’ orders for you.

Shopify Fulfillment  Pricing

Pricing for Shopify’s fulfillment is entirely dependent on business size and product type. Merchants may request the service through the Shopify website and wait till they receive a customized quote. 

The cost for “fulfillment by Shopify” will depend on the following factors

  • Picking and packing
  • Storage
  • Packaging
  • special services (like receiving, bundling, and validating inventory)
  • shipping costs (the cost of delivering orders to customers).

Your fulfillment costs will be added to your Shopify subscription, so you’ll get a single aggregated bill each month.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Shopify fulfillment

Fulfillment by Shopify was born out of the platform’s desire to enter the e-commerce fulfillment market. While it does have several benefits, there are a few disadvantages as well.

Shopify Fulfillment  Benefits

You’ll get to manage all your inventory through a single dashboard. Shopify automatically forward all orders for your products, even the ones placed through platforms such a Shopify, to your fulfillment dashboard. You’ll have the ability to process orders for delivery, receive messages, and collect payments without checking your other accounts.

Low operational cost: you’ll have no need to build a personal fulfillment center or develop an in-house packaging system for your company

Data control; you’ll get access to customer, inventory, and sales data to make accurate decisions concerning business growth.

Inventory sync: you can monitor your stock across several selling platforms in real-time.

Shopify Fulfillment Disadvantages

Limited control over external service providers: Shopify integrates with several 3PL companies over whom it has limited control  

Expenses: Shopify has a reputation for being unreasonably pricey; they charge nearly 300$ for their premium plan. Their fulfillment service will likely be as expensive.

Though Shopify may prove more expensive than third-party fulfillment, it guarantees exceptional quality and reliable customer service. Disgruntled customers could cost your company more than the temporary benefit from contracting a less expensive fulfillment partner. Shopify fulfillment offers a fully integrated order management solution that will enhance customer perception of your brand.

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