How to track planes in real-time

By | March 24, 2021

Live Flight Tracker:-  How to know if a flight has been cancelled or delayed? How to get news about flight delays today? One solution is to monitor the flight status in real-time and to do so here are the best 5 tools:


On the FlightStats portal,   starting from the flight code, the departure airport or the current date, it is possible to receive information on the airline, the actual and estimated take-off time and the flight position in real-time: that is, if the boarding has been opened, if the plane is already in flight or if it has landed at its destination.

For each airport, an opinion is expressed on punctuality and an estimate on the possibility that the flight may depart late. On the basis of the percentages of cancelled or delayed flights, it is then possible to consult in real-time the ranking relating to the more or less virtuous airports. FlightStats allows you to effectively check flight routes in real-time.


On  FlightAware,  thanks to the tracking number or the airline, you can trace the flight and view some details on its location, departure and arrival times and in case of a cancelled flight. This portal is especially useful for consulting the complete list of departure and arrival times of all airports with real-time flight monitoring for each individual flight.


On  FlightRadar24 it is possible to follow the flight path while the latter is already on its way. A three-dimensional map will show the routes and journeys of all of Europe and Italy. Thanks to the internal search engine it will be possible to trace the number of the flight to be checked. Furthermore, through special filters, you can limit the search for flights based on position, altitude and speed. Finally, it is possible to trace the individual airlines or get information on the model of the aircraft, flight number and its precise coordinates.

Live Flight Tracker

Live Flight Tracker

Virtual radar

Using the information from the transponder systems of the major airlines, the RadarVirtuel site also allows you to monitor all flights in progress, which will be displayed on an updated map of Google Maps.

This can be viewed both in its satellite version and in its hybrid version thanks to the buttons located at the top right. While clicking on the icons of the aircraft you can get detailed information on the flights. Finally, through the ” Layers ” button, information such as the weather status and the position of the airports will be displayed.


One last tool useful for monitoring and controlling air flights is  WebPort. Here, by means of a search starting from the airport of our interest, you can consult the complete list of all departures and arrivals of flights scheduled for that day with the respective flight codes, airline and pre-established times. Finally, for each airport, the main contact details are indicated with telephone number, website and any services made available by that airport such as the wi-fi connection.

Obtaining this type of information when you are at the airport or still travelling to your destination is extremely useful both if we are the protagonists of the trip and if indirectly involved in that flight.

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Monitoring our flight or that of a close friend’s life can be essential especially in the event of flight delays and cancellations. With the online flight refund form on the No Problem Flights website,  you can promptly send your flight refund and compensation request to the airline.


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